Tap Water, Toilet, Trash, Takeout, Tables, Tissues and Trays!

OK. Before we get re-started today let's just run through the things that have changed here since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Tap Water - For hygiene reasons we will no longer be offering bottles or glasses of tap water, nor will we be handling or filling dog bowls.

Toilet - There will be no customer toilet. As a small business we simply don't have the resources to fully operate and maintain this facility as required throughout the working day. There are public toilets available on the quayside. We do have hand sanitiser available at the counter. Please observe queueing and social distancing when using this.

Trash - No customer bin. Should you feel an overwhelming urge to empty your bag/pockets whilst taking a break, we ask that you do so at one of the many public bins in the town.

Takeout - Our service now uses disposables to reduce the risk of viral transfer. Whilst you are welcome to sit inside the premises, please be aware that crockery and cutlery are no longer available.

Tables - Seating has been arranged to comply with the Welsh Government's two metre social distancing requirement. They are positioned for that reason. Do not move the tables and chairs. If you can't find the seating arrangement that you want then look somewhere else .If you are seated please leave the windows open to maintain good air circulation for everybody. If you find it too breezy move to another seat - do not close the windows.

Tissues - We ask that you do not leave used tissues or nappies on the premises. Please take your rubbish with you when you leave. There are plenty of public bins in the town. You may know what is in your screwed-up tissue - we don't!

Trays - If you choose to stay on the premises we will give you your purchases on a clean sanitised tray. It would help us if you could leave the used tray and disposables on the tray clearing area near the entrance. If you can't do this then just leave it on your table.

We hope you can understand why we have made these changes in response to the challenges which everybody now faces. We appreciate your support and we do realise that you always have a choice. Enjoy Conwy.

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